Network Access

Network Access

Networks are increasingly complex, heterogeneous, costly and targeted by cyber criminals. Put the challenges of your infrastructure in our hands. We take care of your IT and you take care of your business.

The initial situation

Networks in transition

No matter how small or large your company is, no matter what industry you operate in – digitization is omnipresent and continues to advance at maximum speed. But the basic prerequisite for digital, sustainable concepts and business models is a stable, secure and flexible network infrastructure. Tomorrow’s networks must be reliable, adaptable, performant and resilient. How can you ensure this today?

Digital business models require a strong foundation

Today's investments secure tomorrow's innovative strength

Network infrastructures must be stable, secure and flexible

Your challenge

How to keep up?

Without a resilient foundation, monuments cannot be built, and without a powerful network, no successful 21st century business can be built. Today’s networks are heterogeneous and complex. How do you meet these challenges in the face of existing skills shortages? Networks must flexibly adapt and scale across all areas such as WAN, LAN and WLAN. How do you ensure end-to-end management? Today’s communications are diverse, distributed, and by no means localized, with maximum cyber threat. How do you ensure end-to-end encrypted communication and how do you protect your employees?

Our solution

Network Access

Our network access service offers solutions in the areas of wireless LAN, switching and mobile device management. With modern and powerful Wi-Fi, high-performance and secure switching components and a comprehensive management solution for the administration of all distributed end devices, we are sure to meet your requirements. We operate the central components in accordance with European law in the Cisco Meraki data centers in Frankfurt and Munich.  Your user data remains permanently in your network. All solution components are combined with our services to give you the promise of a stable, secure and innovative network on a permanent basis. Our experts design your new network infrastructure and get it up and running expertly. Our Network Operation Center is responsible for secure and smooth operation – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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Education Digital

Digitization in education means creating a safe learning environment for our children. Distributed teaching and learning requires a responsible approach to today’s technological possibilities. We are aware of the responsibility.

A success story

The digital classroom

The idea of the digital classroom is not just about multimedia content that gives our children a new kind of learning experience. First and foremost, it requires a secure and stable network as a new digital learning environment that enables effective teaching and learning for our students and teachers from anywhere: in the classroom, at home, and from any device. Only then can we deliver digital learning content to our children in a protected environment.

Our indoor and outdoor managed wireless LAN offers maximum efficiency and highest security, especially in dense environments such as schools and universities. Cloud-based mobile device management enables secure deployment of endpoints to students and teachers. Tunneled SSIDs provide our students and teachers with seamless remote access to the school network, and complementary security features and content filters protect our children from cyber threats. By combining multiple technologies, we ensure that teachers and students remain connected in a secure environment, regardless of location, and can access digital educational content at any time. Our experts in our Network Operation Center keep a 24-hour watchful eye on the network infrastructure of our children’s digital learning environment, 365 days a year.

Secure provision of end devices to students and teachers

Higher performance and more efficiency in the wireless LAN

Seamless remote access to the school network

Effective content filter to protect our children

Secure handling of sensitive data and compliance with data protection regulations