Cyber Security


Today's threat situation must be taken seriously.

IT security concepts

Digitization is becoming a steadily growing challenge that requires very complex IT security concepts.

Secure Access

Securing data is a top priority and a major challenge for all companies.


Awareness of secure IT and the associated protection of personal data is often inadequate. Careless misconduct are often the consequences.


The reputation of an institution and a company is largely responsible for its long-term success - both in the public sector and in the private industry.

IT versus OT

The isolated consideration of IT and OT has an increasingly negative effect on the necessary security strategy in a common field of action.


SI, SIG, ISO, eGov - complying with legal requirements and industry-specific design rules, certifying them and having them audited on a recurring basis is a real challenge.

Heterogeneous IT

Heterogeneous IT hinders a uniform security infrastructure. However, the establishment of an end-to-end IT security strategy is crucial for the secure handling of our data.

This is what our security service will do for you.

Comprehensive advice

We develop individual security concepts that derive concrete protective measures from the company's security goals, the identified need for protection and the risk assessment. A conceptual framework is created for establishing new processes and capabilities in the company. These concepts are implemented by our experts as required.

Latest security technologies

Only a balanced interaction of high-quality technologies and far-reaching capabilities can ensure sufficient security in the enterprise. Our portfolio offers solutions in the areas of next-gen firewall, zero trust, cloud and application security, identity management and endpoint protection.

Operating support

Operational requirements exceed the capabilities of your company's own employees? Access our bundled cyber security competencies and put parts of the operation in our hands.



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